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Bandahar Series - 

Fantasy Realm

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Bandahar is the mythical realm ruled by the great Maharanya clan. Jahar is the antithesis of Bandahar and a wasteland of deformed beings.

Only one thing stands between an evil sorcerer Karmachakra and his will to destroy the flourishing empire of Bandahar - Shikhanderi's love for Ishanya.

Will Shikhanderi's quest for his identity rock the very foundations of Bandahar?

Will Shikhanderi and Ishanya's love ever see light in the darkness that is Jahar?

From a debut writer comes a thrilling tale of adventure, myth and fantasy.

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eBooks for Instant Download
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The Bandahar Series is Vidhya’s first foray into book writing. 

Long long ago, in the lazy summer days of yore, when time was aplenty and gazing into the meadows a national past time, in the musty pages of an old aging book, she discovered her joy of reading. One day, by the seashore, she wrote an abstract on life, perhaps, that defining moment kick-started her journey as a writer.

Bandahar series is her long-overdue pet passion project. Hope you enjoy it. Also, the fun does not end here. Please read ahead for an excerpt from ‘Anteran & Veerini’, the second installment of the ‘The Bandahar Series.’

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